Terranova DMC Costa Rica

Terranova DMC is the prime Costa Rica travel agency specialized in boutique experiences designed by professionals that are passionate about traveling and Costa Rica. Here is what the Terranova Costa Rica Travel Design Team has to offer in their own words.....

Let us give you ten reasons to choose Terranova for your Costa Rica vacation.

Knowledge of destination

Not only we are locals, but also in the country. So, you can feel free to ask all questions. We know the answers when it comes to the best experiences in Costa Rica.

Impeccable Payment Reputation

In a country, as small as Costa Rica, reputation is transcending. Our passengers are supplier’s favorite costumers.

Close and personal relationships with our suppliers

And it is not only because we pay on time. It is because we are always in personal contact with them. Our suppliers are our friends, they are known to us, and we are known to them.

We are updated on the best travel products every single day.

Thanks to this personal contact with the suppliers we get the first-hand information.

Boutique Style, extremely personalized services

If you look at our team, you will find is not a large division, and the reason is simple. We believe in very personalized boutique-style service.

Efficient Communication flow with our passengers in all trip stages.

From the first contact, we have, to much after the holiday ends, we like to talk with our passengers.

Reconfirming reservations team

As we like to have communication with our clients and our suppliers, we do confirm the service the prior day.

24/7 emergency line for support

Either because your flight is delayed, or because you are in doubt about a pickup time for your tour tomorrow, we are a support team for you, 24/.

Access to private and unique experiences

We have a creating team of travel experts designing the most amazing experiences that you can live in Costa Rica.

Professional travel experts passionate about traveling and Costa Rica

We became experts in Costa Rica because we love traveling and we love this land. It truly amazes us every day!

We believe in travel, and we believe that the pure life of Costa Rica can lead you to real life-changing experiences, breaking the charm of routine and stress and making you soar in nature’s unbiased freedom.

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