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South Africa with DMC partner Dare to Explore!

South Africa with our DMC partner Dare to Explore!

Discover what prompted Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu to coin the term 'Rainbow Nation'.

Indeed, there's something for everyone. From magnificent wildlife to unsurpassed natural beauty, and cultural diversity second to none, South Africa has it all. Shuttle from Johannesburg's overflowing African markets and exotic cuisine to the sangomas and muti shops of Soweto. Spend the day at The Cradle of Humankind where the first adult Australopithecus Africanus fossil was found, or venture out to the breathtaking scenery of the Panorama route. Then there's The Cape, with Table Mountain, the Wine Route, the Garden Route and attractions too numerous to mention - how to fit it all in a trip?!

​Dare to Explore in South Africa curates travel to the most breathtaking places where guests can experience once in a lifetime travel!

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