Off the Map Experiences with Eclectic Greece

Let Eclectic Greece curate a tailor made itinerary! With their extensive network of contacts in the travel industry and beyond in Greece, they are able to design luxury experiences even at the most hard to get places in Greece. In fact, these destinations offer the traveller a truly authentic experience which brings one closer to Greek culture and traditions. Three of the favorite destinations are the islands of Ikaria, Monemvasia, several areas in Crete, and the area in the southwestern Peloponnese known as Mani.

The best part of these off the beaten track destinations is that the traveler will experience the hospitality that made Greece famous in the 60s and 70s. It actually feels like a time machine, back to a time where tourism in Greece was not an industry centered around money but more about Greeks showing their history and culture to the travellers as a means of communication and something to be proud off.

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