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Malaga with Destination Spain

The arrival of spring and the first signs of good weather awaken interest in discovering new places in Spain with our DMC partner, Destination Spain. Its architectural beauty and dreamlike landscapes are its most important attractions. But, in addition, the Mediterranean country presents wonderful contrasts: beautiful narrow streets in medieval villages and imposing avenues in modern cities. Some of these streets are the most beautiful of Spain.


Inaugurated in 1891, Marqués de Larios Street is considered the most elegant street of the 19th century. It stands out for the curved design of the corners of the buildings, which resembles the architecture of the city of Chicago. Historians attribute this influence to the cultural exchange that historically took place in the port of Málaga. Besides, this street enjoys an incredible aesthetic perfection. There is a point towards the end where the lines of all the cornices and balconies come together.

This is the most famous street in Málaga, since it the purest representation of elegance. But apart from being a place to walk, in it are located many clothing stores, cosmetics and decoration. Every September, the “Pasarela Larios Malaga Fashion Week” takes place. In August, on the other hand, the pedestrian street is filled with artisans to celebrate the “Feria de día”.

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