Literary outings in Lisbon with Destination Spain DMC

Destination Spain, our DMC partner for Spain and Portugal stimulates literary fans with outings in Lisbon, where each street in the downtown area, the “Baixa”, has a story to tell. In the city that is always changing, you can still find many places where Portuguese writers lived. To get the most out of the city, choose one of the available programmes offering theme-based tours.

Terreiro do Paço

Saramago’s Lisbon Visit Lisbon and be inspired by the characters of José Saramago, who lived most of his life here, loving the city and making it the central point of his works. The tour begins at the writer’s house in Lisbon, near Jardim da Estrela, passing through the emblematic areas of the Chiado and the Baixa, ending in front of Casa dos Bicos, where the writer’s ashes rest in the shade of an olive tree from where he was born.

Pessoa’s Lisbon A trip through 20th-century Lisbon, recalling the age in whichFernando Pessoa lived. Evidences of his life in the city still remain today: his childhood spent at Largo de São Carlos; the Basílica dos Mártires, which he considered as his village church; the cafe A Brasileira, in the Chiado; the Campo de Ourique neighborhood, where he last lived, and his house which has been turned into a museum. You can have a guided tour or follow the route Fernando Pessoa himself suggested for visiting the city in his work Lisbon, What the Tourist Should See.

Fernando Pessoa, still present in Lisbon’s streets

To find other stories, search for authors and Portuguese works on the website of the Directorate-General of the Book and Library (Direção Geral do Livro e da Biblioteca)

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