Eclectic Greece featuring Naxos

Eclectic Greece takes you to Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades which is located in the center of this complex, between Paros and Mykonos. According to mythology, this was the nuptial isle of the god Dionysus, god of wine and this is why there is a sanctuary dedicated to Dionysus in the mainland of Naxos. The island is an ideal destination for families and romantic couples. Plaka, Agios Prokopios, Orkos and Mikri Vigla are among the most beautiful beaches on the island, while the entire western coastline is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the strong winds that blow there in the afternoon.

A drive to the inland will bring you to picturesque villages and interesting landscapes. Naxos is a great place to experience diverse outdoor activities; from hiking, mountain biking and water sports to culinary masterclasses and experiences such as partaking in the olive oil harvest. Naxos is also an island of beautiful old churches, monasteries and Venetian castles coexisting in harmony with Cycladic cubic houses. Naxos is accessible either by domestic flights or by public ferry. Due to its central location in the Cyclades, the island features some of the best connections in the Aegean archipelago. The airport of Naxos is 5 minutes drive from the main town and the port.

As far as accommodation is concerned, staying close to Naxos town is recommended to those looking to have quick access to the rest of the island. However, staying around the beach areas such as Plaka, Stelida, Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna is mostly recommended for those wishing to be in the center of the island’s vivid beachlife and also not being far from the main town at the same time. The maximum driving time to the center is 13 minutes.

Naxos is always in season and is highly recommended for laid- back family vacation. Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609

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