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Dare to take African Safaris to the next level

Dare to take your African Safari to the next level with our DMC partner, Dare to Explore!

What image does an African Safari conjure up for most? Chances are, it’s pitched tents, pith helmets and other stuffy images of a bygone age. Well, it’s time to go beyond the norm, beyond the expected, beyond the clichés. Dare to imagine forays into Africa in keeping with the fast-changing and more enlightened times. Imagine being part of the wave of conservation sweeping the continent, actively participating in game capture projects such as rhino notching to help reduce poaching of this threatened species, collaring to help track and trace, behind the scenes field courses with seasoned professionals. Imagine seeing first-hand how anti-poaching units do their work, and riding along and witnessing the fight against this scourge!

Or if being on the front lines is a little too out there, imagine the silence and immersion of a walking safari as a harmonious alternative to the more traditional 4x4 experience. Or floating above the savannah in a hot air balloon, the silence of warm thermals only broken by the occasional release of gas as you climb higher into the African sky. Or covering more ground from a helicopter, whirling above the plains, taking in the spectacle of herds of game.

It’s time to imagine a whole new world in Africa, with a whole new range of unique and different safari possibilities. See the real Africa, have a more complete story to tell, with bespoke touring experiences through the wilderness of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania.

Dare to explore in a whole new way with our DMC partner, Dare to Explore!

For details or by phone 1-212-752-1416 or WhatsApp 1-917-940-2407 #DominiqueDebayCollection #daretoexplore #daretotravel #daretobedifferent #myDTEadventure #luxurytravel #serandipians #dominiquedebaydmc #africa #travelafrica #adventure #artsandculture @dare_2_explore



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