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Cherry Blossoms Experience with Destination Spain

Experience what it means to have a million and a half cherry trees in blossom around you! Destination Spain and Portugal put visitors into this scene! This “landscaping wonder”, which turns everything white, takes place in the Jerte Valley (Extremadura) in March or April depending on the weather and it is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime! During these months, over 50,000 cherry trees also “wake up” in the Las Caderechas Valley in Burgos and in the Mágina mountain range in Jaén. For its part, the Riojan town of Nalda celebrates the Fiesta del Ciruelo en Flor (Plum Blossom Festival) and visitors come to the countryside around Cieza (in the Region of Murcia) to see the fruit trees in bloom. At the end of April, shift focus to Asturias and its famous Cider Region if guests want to see the apple trees flowering. Between May and June, the Northern Gredos (Ávila) becomes the World Capital for Spanish Broom in Bloom, which color the landscape yellow. Then jump forward to the summer, the Lavender Festival in Brihuega (Guadalajara), which takes place in July, which is becoming increasingly famous. When the town’s fields turn purple, what instagrammer can resist.

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