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Canoeing on the magnificent Great Zambezi with Dare to Explore!

Canoeing on the magnificent Great Zambezi offers an unparalleled adventure as guests encounter the breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife along the riverbanks. Whether seeking a tranquil escape or a daring encounter with the wild, Dare To Explore's iconic river experience is a remarkable wonder!

Dare to Explore is based in South Africa and is a boutique agency with a focus on experiential experiences for the discerning traveller, with custom-designed tours of Southern Africa, specifically tailor made for each client. Guests can expect a hands-on personalized approach and a creative, out of the ordinary itinerary taking clients off the beaten track and to unique, diverse destinations! Ask about Habitas Namibia, a home in Africa and a conservation project set in over 50,000 hectares of nature and wildlife. It is an unforgettable adventure to explore, learn and discover the unique wildlife, nature and culture of Namibia.

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