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Ultraluxe Yachting with Eclectic Greece

Ultraluxe by Eclectic Greece has itineraries to discover Thirasia Island and swim at the Hot Springs!⠀With a private Pardo yacht guests will discover the little island of Thirasia used to be part of Santorini’s mainland. The two islands were violently separated by the great Minoan volcanic eruption at aprox. 1650 BC. Thirasia, in comparison to the cosmopolitan Santorini, has kept so far, its genuine atmosphere and traditional lifestyle: vineyards, tomato & fava fields, donkeys, goats, wooden fishing boats, cave houses, old windmills and just 350 inhabitants. Guests will visit the Manolas village which is the island’s capital. Then start an almost one hour easy hike featuring panoramic views towards Agrilia, an abandoned settlement with ancient cave houses, a beautiful 18th century church, small tomato fields and vineyards.⠀Continue with your private yacht to the hot springs, sail next to the volcano and discover some secluded beaches.The perfect Greek experience!

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