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The Frailejon Experience Galavanta Colombia

Galavanta Colombia has an exemplary array of itineraries it can curate for clients. The Frailejon is a fascinating plant that can be found in the paramo ecosystem in Colombia. This unique plant captures moisture from the mist and then releases it as water through its roots, thus supplying rivers and streams. Designed to offer superior comfort and service in a remote nature reserve, it is an ideal getaway for those in search of wildlife, nature, culture and adventure.

Alongside an English-speaking scientific guide and local cowboy with exemplary knowledge of wildlife in Columbia, guests will go in search of fauna and other wonders of nature. And let's not forget gastronomy, where guests can have an outstanding experience focused on locally sourced products and traditional techniques with a gourmet twist to showcase the best of Colombian cuisine.

Ask your favorite travel advisor for reservations or for more details phone us at 1-888-334-7609.

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