The Amazon with Enigma Peru


Even though you had to hit pause on your travel plans for now, that doesn’t mean you have stopped thinking about all the places you wish to visit in Peru sometime soon. Thus, we're featuring the Peruvian Amazon experiences this week to fuel your wanderlust and keep it alive.  The Peruvian Amazon is one of the best places to experience the rainforest in the world. This is because approximately 60% of the landmass in Peru is the rainforest, which allows you to experience the formidable Amazon Basin. Featuring winding rivers, thick rainforests, and indigenous communities as well as a variety of wildlife species, the Amazon Basin is one of the wildest places on earth. From nature walks, jungle hikes to river cruises, you will get a chance to observe a variety of natural diversity and wildlife. The most enjoyable wildlife adventures of the Amazon Jungle are found in Manu National Park.  The city of Iquitos is the best entry point in the north into the Amazon jungle, and it's the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road. 

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