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Surfing in Portugal with Destination Spain & Portugal

Did you know Portugal is a surfing paradise? Between Ovar and Torres Vedras, there are about 300 km of Atlantic coast in Central Portugal that surfers can explore, in search of the perfect wave or simply to be amazed by the variety of waves, and our DMC partner Destination Spain and Portugal can curate the experience for guests!

Summer is the most attractive season on the west coast for spending time on the beach, but early autumn and winter is when the best surf can be seen as the sea becomes wild and challenging. Nazaré and Peniche are world famous surfing centers, but there are many other surf spots to be discovered. A trip along the coast will reveal beaches offering excellent surfing conditions. For those with limited experience, or who want to get to know the Atlantic better, surf schools have programmes offering the best spots and the best waves, away from the most crowded areas.

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609

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