Spanish Renaissance Architecture

Palace of Marqués de Mancera

Úbeda is situated in the very heart of the province of Jaén, and is a fine example of all the grandeur of the Renaissance in Andalusia in the 16th and 17th centuries. It is a unique example of the arrival of Renaissance trends in Spain, as you will see, the streets are packed with churches, palaces and stately houses.

Ubeda, the Queen

The beauty of Ubeda’s townscape is sure to impress you. Green olive groves mark the edge of this historic town, giving way to façades of carved stone amidst whitewashed houses. Plaza de Vázquez de Molina Square is home to the Ubeda’s most representative examples of Renaissance architecture. The El Salvador Chapel, Santa María de los Reales Alcázares Church and Las Cadenas Palace will take you back in time to the most grandiose days of Ubeda’s history. A spectacular ensemble, in a perfect state of conservation, where you can admire beautiful Plateresque façades, altarpieces by the great artist Alonso Berruguete and patios with arched galleries on two levels. This lovely environment is made complete with other crowning achievements of the Andalusian Renaissance such as the Palace of Marqués de Mancera or the Hospital of Santiago, considered the Andalusian El Escorial. Thus Ubeda is especially noteworthy for the civil character of its buildings.

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