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Skeleton coast with Dare to Explore, DMC

A spirit of adventure, longing for freedom and a sense of individuality is part of the concept of our DMC partner in Africa, Dare to Explore. Part of one of their fabulous itineraries showcases the Skeleton Coast, a 'no man's land' where hot desert meets cold sea along an inhospitable shoreline. Here there is no drinking water or food. It is the most inhospitable part of Namibia. On the beach lies numerous wrecks - a reminder of the many disasters that have befallen seafarers on this coast. From the Orange River to Walvis Bay, the Skeleton Coast fringes the Namib, which is surely one of the harshest landscapes in the world. The area is swept by cruel winds with vicious sand storms.

The attraction of this remote area of the Skeleton Coast National Park lies in the color, changing moods and untouched profile of its landscape. Its aura of mystery and mightiness is largely due to the dense coastal fog and cold sea breezes caused by the cold Benguela ocean current from the arctic, and the bones scattered on its beaches from where the park derives its name. The landscape in the park ranges from sweeping vistas of windswept dunes to rugged canyons with walls of richly colored volcanic rock and extensive mountain ranges. Its level coastline characterizes the park, only occasionally broken by scattered rocky outcrops.

The Skeleton Coast National Park, a seemingly hostile, barren environment, will allow you to experience the mystery and subtlety of nature hidden in its fragile mistiness if you take the time and utilize all your powers of observation. It is a fascinating area, with its history of rumors of "diamond rich" deposits that lured the hopeful and proved to be an illusion.

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