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Showcase of Adventures with Private Travel Iceland

Private Travel Iceland is a showcase of professionals ready to go the extra mile, and Sales & Agency Sales Manager SARAH QUIGLEY is at your service! Having the most experienced luxury travel people in Iceland on their team they combine experience and hard work to make sure every itinerary will exceed the guest’s expectations. Individual travel or group travels are available. Here are some examples….


-Snowmobiling on glaciers

-Visit inside volcanos and inside glaciers

-Hike on Solheimajokull glacier


-Horseback riding

-Whale Watching

-Mountain bike tour

-Buggy Rides

-Blue Lagoon


-Specialized in tailor made private & luxury travel in and around Iceland

-Local team consisting of 9 members (4 of which are owners)

-The most experience in Iceland in the luxury travel industry

-Itineraries that incorporate experiences, activities, style of accommodation, pace of travel

and level of luxury

-Wide variety of activities in many different parts of the island

-Carefully selected luxury accommodations with a unique touch

-Transportation to fit any occasion: by land, by sea or in the air

For more info reach out to

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