Safe Cuban Experiences with Cultural Cuba

Our DMC partner Cultural Cuba assists travelers and travel advisors with the travel process to ensure a safe, legal, and seamless experience. Cultural Cuba’s team of dedicated guides, private drivers, and Cuban and U.S.-based travel experts together navigate all aspects of the trip to ensure an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Cultural Cuba guides and Cultural Cuba drivers are fully vaccinated and undergo regular testing.

Paladars are small private restaurants that offer private dining and social distancing.

Lux Hotels and vetted small boutique hotels follow all safety, masking, and sanitation precautions.

VIP expedited airport services are included for Cultural Cuba travelers. Antigen testing within the comfort of the hotel is pre-arranged by Cultural Cuba to be administered within the 24-hour required timeframe for entry to the U.S. and is included. Travel Advisors can login to Cultural Cuba's Travel Advisor Portal for all the details and specific forms required for travel to Cuba.

For private guided custom Support for the Cuban People enjoyable and enriching itineraries reach out to us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609.

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