Private Travel Iceland's Ultimate Luxury Tour

The Ultimate Luxury Tour in Iceland

Basic Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive to Iceland

Day 2 - Flight with a private charter to Deplar farm

Day 3 - Full day at Deplar farm

Day 4 - Full day at Deplar farm

Day 5 - Flight with a private charter to Reykjavik

Day 6 - Reykjavik city and Iceland cooking class in the afternoon

Day 7 - Whale watching on a private yacht and exclusive tasting inside a volcano

Day 8 - Helicopter tour over Iceland’s highlights and super-jeep around the highlands

Day 9 - Super-jeep into Thorsmork valley and river-raft back on Markarfljot river

Day 10 - Horseback riding to Merkurker canyon and Snowmobile on Eyjafjallajokull glacier

Day 11 -Seaside lobster, Lava tube and ATV ride

Day 12 - Enjoy the Blue lagoon at your leisure or explore Reykjanes peninsula with your guide

Day 13 - Enjoy the Blue lagoon before departure

Day 1 – Arrive in Iceland

Your private guide will be waiting at the airport ready to welcome you to the land of ice and fire. You’ll spend the first night in Reykjavik city. Depending on the arrival time and place, you’ll have time to explore Reykjavik city and the surroundings with your guide or spend the evening at leisure at the hotel.

Tower Suites is one of the highest view point in Reykjavik. The huge windows provide excellent view over Reykjavik and the surroundings. The design of the rooms emphasizes the view as the bed and bathroom are both pointed to it.

Day 2-Day 5 - Deplar farm

On your second day in Iceland you’ll head out with your guide to the domestic airport in Reykjavik for a flight to Akureyri, the capital of the North. From there you’ll get a private transfer to Deplar farm, where you’ll spend the next few days.

Deplar farm is located in the countryside of Northern Iceland, surrounded by high mountains, rivers and lake - it is the ultimate playground for the outdoor adventurer.

Over the next few days you have a list of outdoor activities to choose from, including:

- Horseback riding

- Mountain biking

- Sea kayaking

- Hiking

- Peak climbing

- Road cycling

- Surfing

- Bird watching

- Whale watching

- Paddle boarding

- Sightseeing tours

- Photography tours

At Deplar farm you can also enjoy a list of indoor activities and a complete spa; including:

- Gym

- Yoga room

- Sauna and Steam room

- Indoor/outdoor pool with a bar

- Indoor and outdoor hot tub

- Floating tanks

- Treatment rooms

- Lounge and Bar

- Pool, Ping pong and other games

- Outdoor deck with soft seating

- Media room and conference room

- Library

All the activities and amenities above are included as well as drinks and meals. Other activities are also available up on extra charge, such as; Helicopter tours, super-jeeps tour, fly fishing, massage, etc.

Deplar farm has some of the best chefs in Iceland, making up for a fantastic dinner experience in the country side. Many of the ingredients are from farmers in the area making this a unique dining experience.

After a few days at Deplar farm it is time to leave the Paradise of the North and head back to Reykjavik city. Before you leave you can either spend some time at Deplar spa or tour around Akureyri with your guide.

Day 6 - Reykjavik and Icelandic cooking class

A seamstress will take your measurements as you choose the colors for your custom handmade Icelandic wool sweater, the perfect and practical souvenir of the Iceland adventure. For centuries, Icelanders have survived in the most extreme conditions of a hard winter. Learning how to use the nature we’ve relied on the Icelandic lamb and the Atlantic Ocean to provide us with ingredients. For the past decades we’ve followed our Scandinavian neighbors in creating the New Nordic Style dining. The combination of fresh ingredients and new style cooking will leave you full and satisfied. In this cooking class you will learn about the Icelandic ingredients, help each other and have fun as a family, creating a beautiful and delicious meal. At the end of the night you’ll enjoy the fruit of your labor with a family dinner.

In June the Sun hardly sets and you can enjoy a drink at the Tower suites, where you have a view over Reykjavik city, surrounding mountains and bay in the midnight sun.

Day 7 - Reykjavik city tour, Whale watching and a visit to a Volcano

Your guide and vehicle is at disposal for you to explore the center of Reykjavik, its many sights, famous buildings, museums and Icelandic designer shops. After lunch you will go down to the old harbor in Reykjavik where a private yacht will be waiting to take you whale watching. As you sail you will get a panoramic view of Reykjavik city. There are about 20 species of whales in the Ocean around Iceland, hopefully you will get a photo op with the gentle giants of the ocean.

In the late afternoon you will get a helicopter transfer to visit Thrihnukagigur, a dormant volcano. The family will get an exclusive entrance to explore this unique sight. The inside of the Volcano is a huge dome which could easily fit the Statue of Liberty, and the rocks are in all varieties of colors. To enter the volcano the family needs to descend around 120 meters from the top, in a cable lift. This is a once in a lifetime experience and to make this even more special you will enjoy canapes and champagne in the bottom of the crater.

Day 8 - Helicopter tour and super-jeep adventure

In the morning you will board two helicopters at Reykjavik domestic airport. The flight will take you past some of the highlights in Iceland, including;

- Glymur Waterfall

- Langjokull Glacier

- Thingvellir National Park

- Geysir hot spouting geyser

- Hekla Volcano

- Gullfoss Waterfall

- Landmannalaugar nature preserve

- Haifoss Waterfall

Iceland is a popular destination but seeing the most popular sights in a helicopter has some great benefits, such as; avoid the crowds, time saving and you get to visit some places others can only dream of. The biggest advantage of having a helicopter is that the pilots will set down in a completely isolated place with a stunning view, there you’ll enjoy a gourmet packed lunch, with nothing around but the lava, rocks and the soft, green moss.

After the lunch the helicopters will set you down in the middle of the highlands where the super-jeeps will be waiting for you. Here you’ll have the chance to drive in the rugged landscape of the Icelandic highlands. Your driver will lead the convoy, while you follow his guidance. The specially modified super-jeeps are connected through a radio so you can easily communicate with each other and the guide.

The drive will end at Holar lodge where you’ll be met with a traditional Icelandic meal. Holar lodge is located near Thorsmork, in a quiet part of the country side. The lodge has 4 en-suite bedrooms but also a fully equipped cabin with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The family have the lodge, its host and chef for themselves.

Day 9 - Thorsmork super-jeep drive and Markarfljot river-rafting action. This morning you’ll embark upon an exclusive expedition, taking you into the depths of Thorsmork valley and back. You’ll continue driving the super-jeeps, under the guidance of your private guide; over rocks and rivers, past glaciers and canyons.

At the end of the drive a private chef will be waiting with a gourmet lunch. Relax and enjoy the delicious meal before the next part of the adventure begins. After lunch you’ll continue the drive for a little while before you leave the super-jeeps behind because instead of driving the same way back you will combine the strength of yourself and the force of nature to make sure you’ll get back to Holar lodge.

In the bottom of Thorsmork valley you will meet up with the rafting team who’ll be ready with all the equipment ready. However, the family needs to work together to ensure a safe travel down the river to Holar lodge, of course under the strict guidance of your professional guides.

Day 10 - Horseback riding to Merkurker canyon and Snowmobiling on Eyjafjallajokull glacier

After breakfast the family will enjoy a horseback riding tour to Merkurker canyon. The horses will be brought to Holar lodge, so you can walk outside and get to know your Icelandic horse. Suitable for both beginners and advanced, the Icelandic horse is very tolerable and tamed, one of only few breeds who has 5 types of walks.

The riding will take you to Merkurker canyon where you will dismount near the river and cliffs. There you will need to put on waders because you’ll need to walk upstream, in the crack of the cliff. On the other side you will find a secluded area where lunch will be served under the bare sky. In the afternoon you will be taken to Eyjafjallajokull glacier, where you will enjoy a snowmobiling tour to the top. Eyjafjallajokull is probably best known as E15, as it erupted in 2010, halting the air traffic in Europe for weeks. Hopefully the skies are clear so you can enjoy the spectacular view of the south shore, Thorsmork valley and Vestmannaeyjar islands.

Day 11 - Seaside lobster, Lava tube and ATV ride

This morning you will leave Holar lodge behind and drive towards Reykjanes peninsula. On the way you will stop at a sea side restaurant where you will enjoy your guides favorite, a lobster meal. The restaurant is located on the black sand beach, if the time allows you can take a walk on the beach. After the lunch you will have a private visit to Raufarholshellir lava tube. In this private tour you’ll learn about the geology of the lava that was formed around 5.200 years ago. The lava tube has been made easily accessible, making it more enjoyable to visit the wonders beneath the surface.

Before you reach the Blue Lagoon Retreat you’ll stop to have an ATV ride in the Reykjanes peninsula. The ride will take you past moss covered lava, over hills, up and down slopes, and the view of the Blue lagoon, shoreline and the island of Eldey is amazing.

Day 12 - Blue Lagoon Retreat and Reykjanes peninsula. The Blue lagoon is one of the most popular visiting place for everyone that travels around Iceland. Fortunately they’ve made a way to make it more exclusive and special. The Blue lagoon retreat is a Hotel next to the main lagoon. Guests at the Retreat have access to a more secluded, private lagoon and access to the Spa of the Volcanic Earth. The spa journey culminates with the Blue Lagoon Ritual where you cover your body with the three treasures of the geothermal seawater; Silica, Algae and Minerals. Each with their own, unique quality such as anti-aging, cleansing and exfoliation.

The spa also includes the following relaxation rooms:

- Cold Well

- Steam Room

- Sauna

- Fire

- Treatment rooms

- Lava Spring Room

- Terrace

- Nest

You can use this day to relax at the spa after a busy adventure in Iceland. However, your guide is at your disposal if someone from the family wants to tour around the many sights of Reykjanes peninsula, including: Kleifarvatn lake, Seltun geothermal area, the bridge between continents, Reykjanes lighthouse, Krisuvikurberg cliff and more.

Day 13 - Blue lagoon and Departure. Enjoy the last few hours in Iceland relaxing at the Blue lagoon. Your guide will meet you and return you to the airport. Hopefully what you are left with, after your stay in Iceland, are great memories of rough but beautiful nature and fun activities. Safe travels and we hope to see you again sometime.



1 night - Tower Suites

3 nights - Deplar farm

2 nights - Tower Suites

3 nights - Holar Private Lodge

2 nights - Blue Lagoon Retreat


Private driver and Private guide throughout the stay

Day 2 - Private charter flight to Akureyri

Day 5 - Private charter flight to Reykjavik

Day 7 - Private Helicopter transfer to Thrihnukagigur

Day 8 - Private Helicopter tour


Day 2-Day 5 - Choice of activities at Deplar farm, as mentioned in the itinerary

Day 7 - Whale watching in a private yacht

Day 7 - Exclusive entrance to Thrihnukagigur volcano

Day 8 - Super-jeeps - Self-drive with the guide in the lead car

Day 9 - Super-jeeps - Self-drive with the guide in the lead car

Day 9 - Private rafting in Markarfljot

Day 10 - Private Horseback riding to Merkurker canyon

Day 10 - Private Snowmobiling on Eyjafjallajokull glacier

Day 11 - Private Caving tour in Raufarholshellir lava tube

Day 11 - Private ATV tour at Reykjanes peninsula

Day 11-Day 13 - Blue lagoon and Spa


Day 1 - D (Reykjavik restaurant)

Day 2 - B (Tower Suites)- L (Reykjavik restaurant)- D (Deplar farm)

Day 3 - B (Deplar farm) - L (Deplar farm)- D (Deplar farm)

Day 4 - B (Deplar farm) - L (Deplar farm)- D (Deplar farm)

Day 5 - B (Deplar farm) - L (Akureyri restaurant)- D (Reykjavik restaurant)

Day 6 - B (Tower Suites) - L (Reykjavik restaurant)- D (Cooking class)

Day 7 - B (Tower Suites) - L (Reykjavik restaurant)- D (Canapes in Volcano)

Day 8 - B (Tower Suites) - L (Gourmet pic-nic in Highlands)- D(Holar lodge)

Day 9 - B (Holar lodge) - L (Private chef in Thorsmork)- D (Holar lodge)

Day 10 - B (Holar lodge) - L (Private chef in Merkurker)- D (Holar lodge)

Day 11 - B (Holar lodge) - L (Lobster house)- D (Blue Lagoon Retreat)

Day 12 - B (Blue lagoon Retreat) - L (Blue lagoon Retreat)- D (Blue Lagoon Retreat)

Day 13 - B (Blue lagoon Retreat)


Custom made, hand knitted wool seater for each family member

Welcome pack including Icelandic goods

Dedicated PTI staff through out

Water and Snacks

All entrances to sights, national parks and museums

Itinerary excludes:

Alcoholic beverages (except at Deplar farm and those mentioned in the itinerary)

Other things not mentioned in the inclusions

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