Perfetto Traveler makes any dream come true!

Perfetto Traveler is happy to make any dream come true, whether it be a marriage proposal in an exquisite restaurant accompanied by a romantic string quartet; a champagne-and-strawberries picnic in the Borghese Park; or a complete fashion makeover from head to toe, including a chic new hairstyle from a “hairdresser to the stars.”

Whatever the occasion — from a honeymoon to a wedding, a birthday to an anniversary, a family reunion or a dream vacation — Perfetto will arrange every detail with attentive and loving care, orchestrating one-of-a-kind experiences that turn a trip into the journey of a lifetime.

You can connect for a one-on-one meeting with Uri Harash & Lara Pelizzola on Let’s Connect 365, for the link click here.

Text or email us for more details 1-888-334-7609

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