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Musical journey through the desert - Equinox Travel India

Jodhpur, India

The Langas are Muslims who are hereditary gypsy origin musicians of the Thar desert who share a commonality in instruments with Spanish Gypsies. They have been working under the "Jajmani" or patron-performer system for generations. Each Rajput chieftain or family have their own Langas or Mangniyars who perform on auspicious occasions such as marriages, child birth and even on religious occasions.


They also perform for their patrons when he has guests to entertain or during mourning as well. Due to the socio-economical upheavals this generation old tradition was in dire straits, which forced these musicians to become public performers to fend for their livelihood.


The Jajmani system is also the custodian of the "Öral Traditions" of Rajasthan since the Langas have also preserved the local proverbs and history by sanctifying them in songs.


Their Songs are the Living History of this region where they narrate the heroic deeds of the desert heroes of the yore through their songs.


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