Millpu Lagoons with Enigma Peru

There’s nothing quite like the buzz felt from a long soak at Millpu Lagoons, Ayacucho's hidden natural turquoise lagoons.

Millpu Lagoons is certainly a place that requires determination and time to get to, but it is off the beaten path and truly worth exploring. The glacial fed pools may look like the most dreamy, natural swimming pools you have ever seen, but in fact they are icy cold! It is a collection of approximately 20 natural pools of pristine turquoise water that is in the countryside of Peru’s Ayacucho Region.

To visit you need to make you way to the small town of Circamarca, where you will pay a small entrance fee to the community for accessing their lands, and thereafter a 35-40 minute hike to the pools.

📷: @juanoswa

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