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Luxury Travel with Seth Snider of Your Private Italy

Your Private Italy is the luxury travel, destination management specialist to Italy, run by Owner SETH SNIDER. Travel that is custom designed specially for you, the educated tourist, looking to experience Italy in a truly distinctive and authentic manner. We have the A-list of inimitable Italian experiences.With a product development team focused on the most unique excursions, activities, and inimitable Italian experiences. 


  • Amalfi Coast

  • Sorrento 

  • Tuscany

  • Lake Como

  • Umbria

  • Puglia

  • Sicily and the Island of Capri

Luxury apartments available in popular city centers such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan


  • Banking in the USA so all commissions are paid from the US

  • Have physical offices in different parts of Italy where other DMC’s do not (Amalfi Coast & Capri)•

  • The ONLY DMC specialized in the Campania Region (Amalfi and Sorrento Coasts, Island of Capri, Island of Ischia, Naples)

  • The only DMC with their own villa portfolio/product.  

  • All other DMC’s source villas through other providers

  • Part of the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association

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