Limon with Terranova Costa Rica

Terranova Costa Rica takes you to Limon, which is is by far the most culturally diverse province in Costa Rica. The vibrant and culturally eclectic capital of Limon is a must visit. The museums and stunning architecture will pull you in but the everyday life and its people will make you want to stay in this awe filled city, where you can best experience the Afro-Caribbean culture that so strongly embodies these parts of Costa Rica. Some recommended things to do include:

National parks (inclduing a UNESCO World Heritage site)

Talamanca mountain range

Coral Reef Snorkling

Jaguar Rescue Center


Sloth spotting

Sea Turtle spotting

The best time to visit? Visit between February-March or September-October. Limon’s dry season is between February-March and September-October. Keep in mind Limon is hot and humid all year long, so its always a good time to visit.

Terranova Costa Rica offers outstanding boutique style services tailor making unforgettable experiences in Costa Rica. The customized itineraries combine the natural wonders of Costa Rica, the free spirit Pura Vida lifestyle, a curated portfolio of small charming hotels and private villas. The passion of those part of the Terranova team and years of experiences enable them to provide a bespoke experience!

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