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Leonidas Travel's Podcast

Honoured to have been chosen as one of the first to feature in the Luxury Travel Insider podcast series, Leonidas Travel's Alberto Dittadi, Managing Director, chats to Bell+Bly* Travel’s Sarah Groen to share travel tips for curating memory-making personalized luxury travel experiences in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Serbia with a podcast! Leonidas’ Team is a collection of outstanding people, each one of them is an expert in specific fields with unique skills. A selected group of people holt together by the same vision: “set up new standards in the Croatian Travel Industry”. Leonidas works exclusively B2B creating unique customised experiences based on your clients’ specific preferences and budget.

Listen to how Leonidas Travel can help luxury travellers find untouched corners of their featured countries and enjoy personalised luxury travel experiences that few (if any!) have had the privilege of enjoying before them. Tune in to the Podcast to learn more and find out about the bespoke, customized experiences and craziest adventure activities that keep visitors coming back time after time. Here are all the links for your listening pleasure:

· Here's the link to the podcast on Apple Podcasts ( · Here's the link to the podcast on Spotify ( · Here's the link to the podcast on Stitcher Radio ( · And finally on Google Podcasts (

*Bell+Bly Travel is a Virtuoso Member and an independent affiliate of Brownell Travel.

Thank you for listening and please ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609. #dominiquedebaycollection #leonidastravel #luxurylifestyle #luxurydmc #dmc #croatia #slovenia #montenegro #serbia #bell+blytravel #brownelltravel #podcast

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