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Island of Vis with Leonidas Travel Croatia

Exploring the Island of Vis as part of an itinerary with Leonidas Travel. Vis has always been a town and for a short period a state as well. At the beginning of 19th century 12,000 people lived here from all over Europe. That influenced Vis' language where You can find, besides the derivates of the Venetian dialect, English, French, German and even Hungarian words.Compared to Hvar or Korčula, Vis faces the land and is open to everything coming from there.

The Stoncica Cove is renowned for its beautiful sandy beach, restaurant, a lighthouse and few apartments that can't be easily booked. This Robinson like type of vacation is intended for those who wish to spend their vacation far away from civilization, telephone or overcrowded beaches, eager of quiet and peace, in the vicinity of the sea and stone.

Green Cave is a beautiful cave located on the islet of Ravnik with two entrances and an opening at the top through which light enters and bouncing from the bottom wall color to green. The cave is a natural attraction situated in the south-west part of Ravnik. During the day sun light passes through the small hole on the vault of the cave producing the fascinating green coulored surface of the sea within the cave. After this phenomenon the cave got its name.

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