Island of Venus with Eclectic Greece

Emerged from a Volcano explosion, Milos, the island of Venus, is a hidden gem not well known to the public as much as the other Cycladic islands, and our DMC partner Eclectic Greece brings guests here for a special experience. Guests will forever remember seeing, while exiting the port, heading to the northern part of the island on a cruising boat, the “Bear” shaped rocks, and the Christian Catacombs.

Reaching Sarakiniko beach with its white rocks, shaped from the multiple explosions and its deep blue waters, guests can spot a shipwreck, located on the bottom of the sea. Next stop was the Papafragkas cave, a natural pool surrounded by rocks, with no rooftop, allowing to gaze at the blue sky.

As guests pass by unique secluded beaches, with golden sand, gray sand (Gerakas) or small pebbles, all with crystal turquoise waters, just a few minutes apart from each other, they reach “Kleftiko”beach, a pirate ship base, back in the day, with huge cave shaped rocks emerging from the clear waters.

This hidden gem is a must-see destination, filled with history, fresh seafood and one of the most amazing Sunset views, from the capital town, Plaka (Castle).

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