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Golden Circle with Private Travel Iceland

Private Travel Iceland curates private tours with a luxury vehicle. Icelands main attraction is the Golden Circle, it combines most of what Iceland has to offer, beautiful landscape, powerful geysers and the most magnificent waterfall. If you‘re in a mood for something more, you can also visit kerid, a volcanic crater.


  • Thingvellir National Park: A huge part of Icelands history since the first Althingi in 930. It is also a Geological phenomenon, standing on two tectonic plates that are gradually moving away from each other. Thingvellir is listed as a Unesco World heritage site.

  • Geysir area: Home to anumber of hot spouting geysers. The most famous one is Great Geysir itself but the  most energetic one is Strokkur, it spouts every few minutes up to the height of 40 meters.

  • Gullfoss waterfall: Iceland‘s most famous waterfall, plummeting down 32 meters in two stages directy to the canyon below. The water in Gullfoss comes from the second biggest glacier in Iceland, Langjokull glacier.

  • Kerid: Volcanic crater located in Grimsnes. Kerid is a crater lake 170 meters wide and 270 meters across.

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