Galavanta DMC on Colombia being open

Our DMC partner in Colombia, Galavata, shared some updates with us recently that we'd like pass along to you!

Colombia is OPEN, Covid-19 cases are decreasing, 31.5% of the population has been vaccinated, PCR test or quarantine are not required, and all businesses are opened to receive travelers!

Colombia is an exciting destination with a bit of everything to offer: NATURE, ADVENTURE, exquisite GASTRONOMIC experiences, ultra diverse CULTURAL immersions, and a thrivingART scene.

Only 3 hours from Miami, 5 hours from New York and Houston, and 6.5 hours hours from Los Angeles, Colombia is the ideal destination to get a taste of South America!

As the world starts opening up, this is the perfect time to beat the crowds and start planning that long-awaited trip to Colombia!

See details below!

NO PCR TEST OR QUARANTINE required to enter Colombia! Travellers only have to fill out an online immigration form prior to departure from their home country. NO CURFEW in cities like Bogota and Medellin, and in Cartagena curfew has been relaxed so guests can enjoy restaurants and bars until midnight. OPENED BUSINESSES like hotels, beach clubs, restaurants, bars, cafés, museums and tourist attractions continue to operate normally, whilst maintaining strong health and safety protocols, such as mandatory face masks, disinfection, and social distancing. COMPLIMENTARY PCR TEST for guests that require it to return home. Tests can be done at the comfort and convenience of guests' hotel or private villa. COVID-19 & SAFETY UPDATE DECREASING COVID-19 CASES as the effects of the protest gatherings have started to dissipate, and the government’s vaccination plans continue steadily OVER 26% OF POPULATION VACCINATED with at least one dose, and the government continues its strong efforts to advance the vaccination plans. NO MORE PROTESTS in Colombia's main travel destinations like Cartagena, Barichara, Coffee Region, Tayrona, Sierra Nevada, and Medellin. In cities such as Bogota and Cali there are still isolated protests, but cities continue to function normally, and travelers continue arrive and enjoy them safely. What's the background? On April 28 marches in Bogota and other major cities sparked to protest against a tax reform. Some of the marches turned violent in cities like Bogota and Cali, and due to the mass congregations of people, Colombia experienced a spike in Covid-19 cases and deaths. YES, IT IS SAFE TO TRAVEL. The main march organizers have decided to protest with different forms of art and culture, some of our favorite destinations like Cartagena, Barichara, Coffee Region, Tayrona and Sierra Nevada were not affected by large protests, and cities like Bogota and Medellin have return to normal. Yes, there are still isolated protests in places like Cali, but Galavanta’s continue guests continue to arrive in Colombia and safely enjoy their holidays in the country. HAPPY TRAVELLERS. All of our guests in the last few months can attest that their experience in Colombia has been not just safe, but unforgettable.

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