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Galavanta Colombia on Open Borders • Private Villas for Festive • Private Plane Expedition

Here's a briefing from Galavanta Colombia our DMC partner, on the post Covid situation.

BORDERS• The Colombian government has announced that the country’s borders will be open as of September 1st. Information regarding quarantine requirements upon arrival are yet to be announced. For more news updates regarding Covid-19, government announcements and regulations, check-out our website, which we'll be updating constantly:

SAFETY• We have been working tirelessly with our team, hotels, transportation, guides and providers preparing all the necessary safety and health protocols. 

CONSCIOUS TRAVEL & CARBON BALANCING • We are reinforcing our existing sustainability and community efforts, as now more than ever, we can have a positive impact through travel.

We are implementing a Carbon Balancing program with which guests can offset their carbon footprint through reforestation programs, including hands-on reforestation experiences at our properties Casa Oropendola in the Sierra Nevada cloud forest and Corocora Campin Los Llanos savannas. 

Additionally, the income from Casa del Presidente has been used to purchase an ambulance for the town of Barichara, and food donations have been made to many families in need during the last few months.

DOMINIQUE DEBAY • We are proud to be working with Dominique Debay to represent Galavanta in United States, Canada & Mexico.

TERMS & CONDITIONS• We have ben working on new Terms and Conditions to offer guests more flexibility and peace of mind.

For more details email us at or contact your favorite travel advisor!

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