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Exploring Santorini with Eclectic Greece


Santorini is truly unique not only for Greece but for the entire world.  This iconic destination is most known for its breathtaking views of the red and brown layers of volcanic ash that make up its famous cliffs.  In fact everything seems to be perched on these cliffs from its many boutique luxury hotels to its fabulous restaurants.  It’s no surprise that you will also find yourself spending most of your time on these cliffs taking in the views and not believing your eyes of the beauty and also it’s no surprise that it consistently shows up on the top 10 lists of the most romantic vacation spots in the world.

HISTORY Most known as the source for Homer’s lost civilization of Atlantis, Santorini has mesmerized historians and geologists for centuries.  While we might never know if Homer had Santorini in mind when he wrote of Atlantis, the fact remains that the island was an important outpost of the Bronze Age civilization of Minoan Crete.  It is actually postulated that it is the eruption of the islands volcano that sent a tsunami rolling down to Crete’s northern coast and brought Minoan civilization to an abrupt end.  Make sure not to miss the ancient town of Akrotiri.  This village was completed covered by ash and remained covered for almost 3500 years.  It’s kind of like a Greek version of Pompei, only older!

ACCOMMODATION Santorini might be the luxury boutique hotel capital of the world.  It’s the traditional architecture of small houses built in the side of the cliffs that make these properties unique.  While not for those who might have claustrophobic tendencies, the amazing views offered by these properties will make you feel like your room is part of the blue waters of the Aegean!  Our selection is based on the best views, the location and ease of access, and of course a high standard of service delivery at reasonable rates (for Santorini that is!).

DINING Because of the high quality of visitors who flock to Santorini each year, and also because of the high rates charged by most hotels, the island has a reputation of being exclusive.  This is also what has brought in the past few years a few of the most talented Greek chefs to open restaurants here.  Their cuisine is part of the good food movement of contemporary Greek cuisine and the many local recipes of the island which are based on the high quality of ingredients produced on the islands nutritious volcanic soil.  Fava beans and tomatoes, being the most popular of these ingredients, along with the famous Santorini wine make for a gastronomic experience of the highest quality.


Take the donkey ride down to Ammoudi from Oia, swim, eat lunch and return back up to take in the Oia’s famous sunset.With our recommendations, visit some of the islands most beautiful beaches including the Red and White beach.Charter a luxury yacht for the day to cruise around the island to take in the many mesmerizing views of the island’s cliffs.Visit one of the many wineries and get a first-hand experience of how the volcanic soil produces some of the best wines in all of Greece.

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