Explore the living legacy of Cuba’s African ancestors and their influence on daily life in Cuba through education, cuisine, and music. Learn about history of Santeria, a religion still largely based on oral traditions. There aren’t many books available or widely accessible to Cubans to learn about the religion, reinforcing the oral traditions of Santeria to be taught by someone within the island.

  • Walking tour of the community of GUANABACOA

  • Meet a “Babalawo,” the highest priest of Santeria, who will perform a cleansing ritual at his altar and explain how he looks into the future to advise on different life pathways

  • Enjoy preparing and eating typical Afro-Cuban food

  • Under a sacred Ceiba tree, listen to emblematic music and taste a cup of the traditional beverage of Aguardiente

This half day can easily be combined with Havana-based activities as part of a Cultural Cuba individualized flexible Support for the Cuban People itinerary.

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