Experience being a miner or a sailor for a day with Destination Spain!

Become a miner or a sailor for a day with Destination Spain!

Two types of adventure for learning about and experiencing two traditional trades. We will begin in Asturias, a region known for its mining industry past, with interesting sites and other traces still visible today. Several experiences are on offer here, such as visiting the Pozo Sotón, an impressive double mineshaft, 550 meters deep, which you can go down into guided by ex-miners. Want more ideas? Visit the village of Bustiello to see what life was like for miners on the surface, or the Samuño Ecomuseum, where you can take a train 30 meters underground.

Very close by, in Galicia, also in northern Spain, you can become a sailor for a day and explore the seafaring tradition of this land of seafood restaurants and taverns. You can accompany the percebeiros (they gather percebes barnacles from the rocks on the shoreline) on the Costa da Morte, tour the workshops making dried conger eel in Muxía, experience the excitement of the day’s business in a fish market, try out sustainable angling, and even cook what you catch. How about classes on how to cook the famous octopus’ dish pulpo gallego?

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