Excursions with Your Private Italy

Your Private Italy offers a portfolio of unique excursions, gastronomic experiences, active adentures, and classical sightseeing tours for the Italy lover in all of us. Never wait in line with our private guide services available throughout Italy for popular museums and archeological sites, landmark cities, private palaces, & religious monuments.

Whether you prefer the mountains, the coast, or the infamous lake regions, Your Private Italy provides a vast array of active experiences to customize any itinerary. From scuba diving to cliff side treks, to fly fishing and windsurfing, YPI provides the knowledge, expertise, and know-how to make the impossible seem routine.

Regardless of if you visit Tuscany, Positano, Rome, Salerno, Umbria, Sicliy, Capri, or Venice, our unique collection of culinary tours, hands-on cooking lessons, VIP vineyard tours, and outstanding gastronomic experiences offer access to the inaccessible.