Enigma Peru and the Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman

Our DMC partner Enigma Peru creates memorable experiences like this at the Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman. Perched on top of a hill above the ancient Inca capital of Cusco, Sacsayhuaman rests on a mountaintop and has three outer lines of gargantuan walls, 457 m (1,500 ft) long and 16.5 m (54 ft) wide.

This impressive Inca archaeological site is believed to have served a dual purpose as both a temple and a fortress. Like many other Inca complexes at the time, it was built from large stones, carefully crafted to fit tightly together that you couldn't fit a piece of paper between some of them!

For more information on a quick visit to this Inca marvel, please contact us at 1-212-752-1416