Discovering secret villages in Paris with Be Essential Club

Be Essential Club can curate Parisian experiences away from the tumultuous streets of the capital, discovering its secret villages where time stands still. Far from its noisy boulevards, Paris hides a number of peaceful and delightful neighborhoods that remind us of France’s charming countryside retreats: Verdurous houses, colorful shop fronts, winding cobblestone streets, artistic wall murals, tiny parks, traditional Alsatian architecture... Experience this unique opportunity to stroll through time with a private guide, through areas such as Les Batignolles, La Butte aux Cailles, and La Campagne à Paris with all their astonishing beauty. Navigate in the paths of artists like Zola, Verlaine, or Flaubert who used to take pastoral inspiration from these hidden villages. With each architectural discovery, you will be astonished at the varying authentic styles of composition and the true tranquillity on offer away from the bustling city.

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