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Delhi's Community Kitchens with Equinox India

Equinox India takes you to Delhi's Community Kitchens of Holy proportions! At Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, an historic Sikh shrine in central Delhi, everybody is welcome to a meal, and nearly everybody comes. The „langar,‟ or free kitchen, operated by a Sikh shrine in Delhi dishes out an astonishing 10,000 meals a day. Anyone can volunteer at a Gurdwara, and although the Bangla Sahib Gurdwara is the largest, you‟ll find smaller versions in most Delhi neighborhoods. Everyone is welcome to come to Bangla Sahib Gurdwara and be part of Vaṇḍ Chakkō, the Sikh uplifting concept that translates to „share and consume together.‟

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