Cuba is OPEN TO ALL travelers!

Travel advisors have been working 80+ hours/week to fulfill their valued clients' requests amidst the 2022 demand surge for travel. Planning individualized trips can be challenging, especially with overbooked suppliers, slow response times, and a lack of availability or services for many destinations.

It is so easy to travel to Cuba with Havana only a 50-min. flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. American Airlines and Jet Blue have multiple flights a day. The island has no covid restrictions or pre-trip testing requirements. Havana's centrally-located lux hotels have availability. And Cultural Cuba manages all of the details!

  • VIP services for expedited arrival in Havana

  • Meet-and-Greet RT airport transfers

  • Visas and all the required paperwork and record-keeping

  • Completely personalized start-to-finish itineraries

  • Top-rated paladar restaurant reservations

  • Access to off-the-beaten-path sites and exclusive interactions

“ALL aspects of the trip; hotel, meals, guide, driver and selected itinerary components were perfect.” – A. Zelkin Everything we organize adheres to the cultural interaction requirements of Support for the Cuban People-sanctioned travel. Many of these activities are exclusive offerings of Cultural Cuba.

They are B2B supporting travel advisor partners with quick response times and complete itinerary services. They are always happy to speak with clients directly and answer questions about travel to the island.

Cuba is a perfect destination to celebrate milestone birthdays, multi-gen family festive travel (lux hotel availability and no minimum stays), and friends and couples get-aways! Yes, it is not too early to make plans for winter break, but last-minute summer 2022 trips are possible, too!

"Cultural Cuba is truly the only way to explore Cuba!! – M. Domagala

Cigars & Cuba: Not Just for the Guys! Kristen Azevedo - In the Know Experiences and Justyna Della Valle - SmartFlyer

Cultural Cuba offers custom private travel that allows visitors to connect with the people of Cuba and truly have a positive impact while enjoying meaningful and enriching travel experiences. Travelers are assigned an expert Cultural Cuba guide who serves as a host, itinerary navigator, and nightlife concierge. No worries about transfer logistics, restaurant reservations, and access to unique activities - we manage the entire process from start to finish.


Have you registered to access the Cultural Cuba Portal yet? You'll find sample itineraries, recommended accommodations, and all sorts of useful information to help you respond to your valued clientele.

For private guided custom Support for the Cuban People enjoyable and enriching itineraries, reach out to us for details or phone us at 1-212-752-1416. #dominiquedebaycollection #dominiquedebaydmc #cuba #luxurytravel #luxurytraveladvisor #travelweekly #cntraveler #cubaexpert #traveltocuba #supportforthecubanpeople #culturalcuba #customcuba @culturalcuba #condenasttraveler #luxurycuba #VIPcuba