Conscious Travel with Galavanta

Not only does Galavanta Colombia curate incredible bespoke travel, they are also committed to promoting responsible tourism, minimizing environmental impact, maximizing the positive impact on the communities and protecting the delicate and valuable ecosystems. Here are a few examples right from their playbook:

We offset the carbon footprint from every trip. We calculate the CO2 emissions from every trip, to then donate the monetary equivalent to reforestation projects.

A percentage of our profits are used to help vulnerable families at the destinations visited by our guests.

We support labour formality as well as fair pay and treatment of our guides, chauffeurs, and service providers.

We minimize plastic use with glass bottles and special filtering systems to avoid using plastic bottles and participate in glass and plastic recycling programs.

We use biodegradable items for personal use or refillable Loto del Sur amenities instead of single-use plastics.

We compost organic waste to use in our herb and vegetable gardens (applies to some properties).

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609

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