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Carbon Offsetting: Making Travel Sustainable with Galavanta Colombia

Carbon offsetting is a practice that offers travellers a way to mitigate this impact.

With Galavanta Colombia, they are offering travelers the option of calculating the tonnes of carbon emitted as a result of their transport, lodging and daily personal waste emissions, as part of the new carbon offset programme. They will create the opportunity for clients to ‘balance’ the carbon emitted on their journeys by contributing to reforestation programs, or personally take part in reforestation activities and wildlife conservation initiatives in some of the key destinations where we operate, such as Los Llanos, Sierra Nevada and the surrounding regions of Cartagena. These are areas with delicate ecosystems that are highly threatened, and reforestation is an essential way to preserve the area and its wildlife.

Galavanta seeks to avoid employing carbon balancing as a single ‘box-ticking’ exercise, but rather as more as one part of a wider mix of strategies: Measuring footprint, managing environmental impact, and actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), whilst at the same time having real conservation impact on the ground. This approach will result in more protection of Colombia’s natural wealth, empowering local economies, and offering a sustainable way of travel that will allow everyone to keep enjoying these destinations, whilst having a positive impact.

Here are Galavanta's Key Notes on Conscious Travel:

Committed to promoting responsible tourism, minimising environmental impact, maximising the positive impact on communities and protecting delicate and valuable ecosystems

Offsetting the carbon footprint from every trip. They calculate the CO2 emissions from every trip, to then donate the monetary equivalent to reforestation projects A percentage of profits are used to help vulnerable families at the destinations visited by guests

Supporting labour formality as well as fair pay and treatment of guides, chauffeurs, and service providers Minimize plastic use with glass bottles and special filtering systems to avoid using plastic bottles Travellers receive refillable water bottles tu use during activities and treks

Using biodegradable items for personal use or refillable Loto del Sur amenities instead of single-use plastics

Participating in glass and plastic recycling programs

Composting organic waste to use in herb and vegetable gardens (applies to some properties)

Ask us for details or phone us at 1-888-334-7609



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