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Buggy Rides with Private Travel Iceland

Up for an amazing buggy ride experience? With Private Travel Iceland you can zoom through the unique, vast and often moon-like landscape of Iceland! 🇮🇸 Getting up close and personal with the land of fire and ice, safely within the confines of the robust roll cage and four point seatbelts of the 4 Wheel buggy!

Our island is our playground with endless possibilities. Whether you want a quiet and relaxed walk in the rugged nature or a journey towards the center of the earth inside a volcano, we got the activities for you. You can even have a volcano just for yourself.

Although we offer a wide variety of activities in many different parts of our island, they all have one thing in common: Icelandic nature. Drive in the rugged landscape of the highlands, dive in a clear fissure between the tectonic plates and experience the Icelandic wildlife; you can always guarantee that the breathtaking Icelandic nature is all around you.

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