Authentic Argentina for amazing experiences

We'd love to tell you about Authentic Argentina! Their mission is their passion: Argentina, providing exceptional service and authentic experiences to share the most spectacular natural and cultural wonders of Argentina through tourism, education, and entertainment. Now is the time to come discover the world's best kept secret.

With this partnership we can curate the perfect itinerary in Argentina providing knowledgable services.....

Provide a unique and one of a kind authentic Argentine experience

New vision of tourism emphasizes unique insight and education for the traveler

Have over 20 years of experience educating travelers

Access to exclusive specialists and professions in any area of the traveler’s interest

Offer travel experiences in spirituality, conservation, wellness and service

Offer unique and exclusive access to the secrets of Argentina that aren’t accessible to the public

Commitment to sustainability and the environment

Company tour intensives offer corporate travel experiences- retreats, conventions, and retirement experiences

Authentic Argentina private sailboat in Puerto Madero

Banking in the USA so all commissions are paid from the US and in US Dollars

Multilingual management includes both US and Argentine staff to fully understand the customer needs

Corporate offices in Austin, NY, Malibu, and Buenos Aires

Experts in culinary, wine, and tango experiences

We'd be thrilled to plan a personalized experience, just for you, when you're ready to travel, with Authentic Argentina!

And stay tuned....... Authentic Argentina TV Series is a television show that features the people, places, cuisine, and wine of Argentina. The show takes you on journeys that venture deep below the surface, connecting you with local people, experiences, customs, and the secrets of Argentina. Our show is designed around the themes of:

●  World Heritage destinations

●  Breathtaking outdoor adventures

●  Gourmet regional cuisine and wine

●  Exclusive lodging

●  Unprecedented insider access

●  Education and sustainability

To learn more visit or phone us at any time at 1-888-DDHRM09