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All About Travel Wild East Africa

Travel Wild was founded in 2000 and continues to offer visitors exciting holiday options in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.  The company’s mission is to provide intimate experiences with an emphasis on personalized service for all of our visitors.  Travel Wild caters to Luxury FIT,  MICE and corporate travelers into East Africa.


Travel Wild began with a dream, a dream of sharing the wonders of the vast Africa wilderness with people from around the globe. Living under the African skies in such close proximity to huge expanses of plains, teeming wildlife and a rich mix of different cultures has made us feel immensely privileged. We hope that when you visit, we will be able to share with you the positive spirit and vision of East Africa.

We specialize in tours in East Africa - KENYA, TANZANIA, UGANDA, AND RWANDA. This is the land we know and love. Travel Wild was founded and is run by people who were born in East Africa and to whom it is home. The local knowledge and the passion we have for East Africa, its peoples and cultures have inspired our itineraries and we are constantly looking for new safari options. The scope for adventures is endless.


We arrange holiday options for our guests: Safaris, Beach Destinations, Zanzibar Tours, Day Excursions, and Adventure Holidays.

Our safaris are fresh and inspired. They offer action, fun, and adventure in areas of outstanding beauty, together with opportunities to meet local peoples and experience the rich and varied cultures of east Africa. Our guides are multilingual and fully trained, with extensive knowledge of the areas we operate in - the cultures and customs, flora and fauna.

To list some of the activities doesn't do them justice. To really tell what we do, we organize for our guests to:

sit 2 meters from a pride of lions as they stalk their prey

stare a 6000kg (13,000lb) elephant in the eyes as he plays in a waterhole

watch the sunrise over the horizon from atop Africa's tallest mountain

enjoy a pina colada with white-sand beneath you and coastal paradise all around

bite into a fresh mango at a spice plantation in Zanzibar

We have listed our most popular itineraries here on our website. However, every guest travel plans are unique, just as their desires are unique. For more information on any of our itineraries or to request a custom itinerary, please contact us.


Travel Wild works with a network of agents and operators from the GCC region, the Nordics, Europe, and the Americas.


Travel Wild has arranged holidays in East Africa for thousands of groups and individuals since inception.  Our past corporate, MICE clients include IRENA, Intel Corporation, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Imaging Solutions, Total Lubricants International, Kodak, ISL Kenya, Platinum  Credit, Reliance Mutual Fund, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Center for Reproductive Biology at Washington  State University.


Travel Wild supports eco-friendly projects and conservation efforts in East Africa by helping to promote properties that are environmentally conscious.  Many of our lodges and camps feature solar power, vocational training for local youth,  reforestation projects in the national parks and reserves, produce grown by local farmers and efforts to help local communities prosper from increased trade.


Address: P.O. Box 13654-00800, Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone: +254 728 970 642

Email (inquiries):

Email (marketing):

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