Air Sport Adventures with Leodinas Travel

Due to high cliffs that arise from the Adriatic sea, and frequent winds, Croatia is an ideal and favourite spot for paragliders and hang-gliders. You can really enjoy in breathtaking views and amazing experiences. If You prefer less extreme activities but enjoy flying, air balloon tour is the right choice for You.


Although paragliding is an extreme sport, today everyone can enjoy in it. There are tandem flights, where one person is trained and professional pilot, and second one is the passenger. We offer You a possibility to fly in tandem, with long term experienced professional pilots, in order to feel safe, relaxed and focus yourself on the most amazing experience of your life.


Hang gliding is another excellent activity for adrenaline seekers. You will have the unique sensation of flying like a bird, surrounded by beautiful sceneries. It is a once in a lifetime experience.



Depending on the winds, you can take a flight over the capitol and enjoy the views of the city or escape the city ruffle and fly over the beautiful hills of Zagorje and Zagreb surroundings. You will be in safe hands with our experienced pilots, as You float over some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries.