Why Northern Peru Should Be Your Next Destination.

Kuelap Fortress

Northern Peru has a great deal to discover and even older ruins than the ones that most people have heard about. A trip to the north of Peru is perfect for anyone who wants to get a deeper, better sense of Peruvian culture and history. With everything from relaxing beaches to a fortress that is dubbed the “new Machu Picchu,” we will highlight a few sites that are well worth the trip up north.

Machu Picchu and the corresponding Inca Trail are a great way to get an introduction into Peruvian history and ancient ruins. But for those who want the thrill of a less discovered archaeological site that is still only 30% uncovered, then a trip to Kuelap Fortress is a must. he NY Times recently dubbed Kuelap as the “new Machu Picchu” and shares a lot of similarities to its more famous cousin. We named it as one of our favorite under the radar places to check out and it is only going to get more popular in the coming years.

Chiclayo and The Lord of Sipán

Everyone has heard of King Tut in Egypt but did you know that Peru also has their very own royal mummy tomb? Located near Chiclayo, the tomb of the Lord of Sipán was uncovered in 1987 and was left completely untouched by tomb raiders. The Moche mummies that were discovered were adorned with jewelry, headdresses, and a number of ornaments indicating that these were members of high rank in Peruvian society at the time. The site is incredible to visit, especially for history and mummy buffs, but just be warned that you cannot take photos as National Geographic owns the rights to the site.

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