Varanasi Weavers

Varanasi was a well-known cotton weaving hub during the early Buddhist period. Today Varanasi is known for weaving very fine silk. The tradition has been passed down from fathers to sons and many girls dream of wearing Varanasi silk saree for their wedding day.

Varanasi saris are adorned with intricate designs and embellishments making it popular during traditional functions and weddings. Earlier, the embroidery on sarees were often done with threads of pure gold.

Varanasi is a city in the northern portion of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Regarded as the spiritual capital of India, the city draws Hindu pilgrims who bathe in the Ganges River because it is thought to be sacred. They also perform funeral rites here. This area is also known for the Golden Temple, which is dedicated to the god Shiva.

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