Travel To An Ancient Medieval City

Barcelona is a very old Mediterranean city. Across its streets, you are surrounded by

either Roman walls (built about 2000 years ago), medieval buildings, still in use,

Modernist (art deco) houses from the turn of the XIX century and modern architecture

of today's style. A complex but unique combination, like a patchwork of all the

centuries of this city. It is great to walk by with all these ancient testimonials looking at you.

Bishops Street and Arch

Plaça del Rei (Kings Square): a medieval marvel with the Tower of King Martí, 5 floors

high which was built in 1555.

Santa Maria del Mar was built in the 13th century in a small sea side neighborhood known as "La Ribera" . The cornerstone, near the main door, has two inscriptions written in it, one in Catalan and one in Latin. This cornerstone was laid on March 25, 1329.

These are just a few of the medieval relics that you encounter on your tour. The history of this city is fascinating and something to experience and behold.

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