Tour Rhodes with Eclectic Greece

INTRODUCTION Rhodes is a great destination for everyone from families to couples to friends.  The main attraction of the island is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Medieval City of Rhodes where visitors besides the site seeing will spend much time in the many restaurants and bars of this living monument.   Then there is Lindos with its impressive Acropolis, its traditional Italian captain’s houses, and its picture perfect bay ideal for swimming where visitors should make the day off.  The island is big enough with enough beaches, historical sites, and off the beaten tracks to spend weeks.

HISTORY Rhodes has a long history and many remnants to prove it.  While the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, is no longer standing one can take a walk to Mandraki harbor where it once stood and get a sense of how big it actually was.  The walled city of Rhodes is a colorful mosaic of ancient, medieval, ottoman and Italian buildings including the palace of the Grand Masters, the Archeological museum, a .  Walk down the Street of Knights and make sure to visit the gardens behind the Byzantine chapel of Agios Markos, in the north-west corner of town.   Also visit the Kahal Shalom Synagogue in the Jewish quarter, the oldest in Greece.  There is plenty more to see of course in Lindos but also many other areas around the island.

ACCOMMODATION There are basically three locations we suggest for accommodation in Rhodes.  The first location is to stay in some of the wonderful boutique hotels located within the wall of the Old Town.  If you choose to stay in town you will have to drive out every day to explore the rest of the island but in the evening walk to dinner.  The second choice is to stay in one of the five star luxury beach resorts further out from town where you will have the beach at your feet and then need to drive out for dinner.  And the third choice is to stay at Lindos which while further out of town is a beautiful and serene place to stay.  Whichever experience you choose, our hotel selections will make you happy.

DINING & NIGHTLIFE There is quite a bit of fine dining in Rhodes as the city is quite big itself.  The service is not too shabby either.  Our favorites are classics located in the Old Town, but many gourmet restaurants have also recently opened in some of the luxury hotels which are also worth going.  If you are heading south, take a detour and stop one day for lunch at the restaurant located at the Three Wells for some amazing barbeque next to a stream covered with plush trees.  Nightlife on the island is lively especially in the summer when the islands population doubles.  Most of the bars are located in the Old Town, but there is such a large number of them that you will need our suggestions to enjoy your evening.

FAMILY Rhodes is a quintessential family destination.  With its rich history and beautiful beaches, both parents and children stay happy.  Most luxury hotels also offer extensive children activities and also


Head to the Rhodes Casino located in the magnificent Grande Albergo delle Rose.Take a bike tour inland to visit some traditional villages untouched by modernityTake a day trip to Lindos for sightseeing, swimming and lunch.Charter a yacht and head to beautiful Symi for a day, one of the most well-kept examples of Dodekanesian neo-classical architecture.