The Team @Destination Spain

Looking to book your next trip in Spain? Let us help you make the decision to utilize Destination Spain! Here's what they have to say, right from partners Jordi Vilaseca & Juncal Elizazu.......

We are your Spanish friends, founders and managers of Destination Spain. We decided to start this adventure for one single reason: The passion. Passion for traveling, for our amazing country, and for achieving the excellence in welcoming travelers with the warmth that only a friend can provide.
We travel beside you! First of all we consider ourselves as travelers. Traveling has made us realize the importance of having the best local host. To this personal experience we must add our career as professional organizers of trips and events, working for outstanding agencies and operators. We know how to make the traveler feel the real protagonist of his own experience, and enjoy the brighter side of our dazzling country.

Jordi Vilaseca has Barcelona and USA training, Degree in Physics, MBA at University of Chicago. Experience as head of marketing in major multinationals. Over 15 years as a specialist in organizing unique trips for demanding travelers.

“Travel is not real if you do not come home with the mind and heart enriched and transformed”

( Jordi Vilaseca )

Juncal Elizazu was dducated in France, polyglot, ATA (Aquitaine Accueil Tourisme- Bordeaux) Diploma in Tourism. Official interpreter guide, has worked in various European embassies and multinational tourism companies. Over 20 years of experience organizing trips for VIP travelers.

“Only the complicity of a local insider partner can turn a trip into a unique, fascinating experience”

( Juncal Elizazu )