The Stepwell with Equinox India

Equinox India takes you to Abhaneri, where you take things on step at a time!

In the dry and desert like region of Rajasthan water was a precious resource. One had to digdeep intothelandtofindthesourceof this life giving element. So important was its value that great monuments were constructed around the sources of water. These are the step wells of Rajasthan.

While some were modest in their size others are several stories deep. They also were used as a community space where locals could interact with each other. A short drive from Jaipur takes you to the massive stepwell built to conserve rainwater is 20 m deep with 13 levels, is considered deepest and largest of its kind in India.

The architecture is a perfect symmetry and has formed a backdrop for several Hollywood films given the dramatic effect that it can create.