The Cocoa Tree Grows In Peru

Considering the extreme biodiversity of Peru, it should come as no surprise that Peru and cacao share a long history. The cacao tree originated in the Amazon jungle and the natives of this country have had access to cacao for years and years. Today, Peru grows three types of cacao: Trinitary, Amazon foreign, and Creole. The Creole variety is the most common and in the highest demand because of its high fat content that contributes to its high quality.

In Peru, cacao is cultivated mostly in the regions between the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforest. Most of Peru’s cacao is sourced from independent farmers who rely on having a good crop to make a living. Many of the cacao farms are in extremely rural areas where weather and road conditions can make transporting the crop very difficult. Thankfully cacao beans are resistant to heat and long periods of transportation, so the Peruvian beans can be shipped all over the world and turned into the delectable chocolate we all know and love.

If you are a chocolate fanatic, Peru is an excellent place to learn about the history and production of cacao and how it is used to make chocolate. At Enigma, they love chocolate and they are extremely proud of Peru’s role in cacao production. When visiting Peru, they highly recommend visiting the Choco Museo at one of its many locations in Cusco, Lima, Ollantaytambo or Piscac, to learn all about this incredible product and participate in chocolate making workshops that are fun for the whole family!

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